Fashion and beauty tips that all women should know

There is nothing like having at hand some essential hacks of fashion and beauty that will make your life much easier, because let’s accept it, who has not suffered when the eyeliner is finished, the deodorant or simply because you do not know how to fix your favorite garment. The beauty and fashion tips are there also.

After reading these tips and tricks of fashion, the best thing you can do is share them with how many women you put in front:

  1. Prevent your new socks from breaking by spraying them with hair spray before putting them on.
  2. Was your black eyeliner finished? Use your mascara! Take out product with an eye brush and apply it on your eyelids as if it were eyeliner.
  3. Eliminate the bad smell of your tennis by placing inside them orange or lemon peel, leave it there for one night and the next day removes it. Fresh!
  4. If you are going to wear a garment in white, look at how it looks in the bright light before going out, to make sure the fabric is not transparent.
  5. If you find jeans that favor you too much, buy more than one pair. You’ll thank us later!
  6. If you need to pass the rake through your legs and your shaving foam is finished, use hair conditioner as it fulfills the same function.
  7. If something does not fit in the store tester do not buy it! Do not think you’ll stay when you drop those extra kilos.
  8. To make your eyelashes more abundant apply a little baby powder after the first layer of mascara. Finish with a second layer and you will not believe how voluminous they will look.
  9. To make your perfume last longer, put some Vaseline in the areas where you will apply it.
  10. Invest in basic clothes that can serve you throughout the year, rather than seasonal trends.

Standing upright with a lot of confidence and believing in yourself are important aspects so that you feel good about yourself. After all, when radiating security you radiate beauty. However, every woman who stands in front of a mirror can say that beauty secrets also count. Take note.

To stay well you do not need the most expensive, or the most complicated, or the most painful.

Never underestimate the power of moisturizers

It does not matter if your skin is dry, normal, or oily. You do not have to invest in many creams, with just one product that is good you can have a dream skin.

But then, what is a ‘good’ moisturizer for you? Experts say: what the product has achieved, allowing the skin to produce more moisture.’ What you need is to see what cream you should choose according to the individual needs of your skin.

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